There are certain parts of the world which are more opportune in starting a corporate or a running an operation from than others. Governments have now understood the many benefits of having a trade city or a port city and thus, across the globe, there are certain regions which have been solely dedicated for business developments. These different regions in certain parts, are specialized in different aspects or avenues of industries, and thus, the regulations, rules, legislation are all formed in such a way as to support the businesses run from these various regions. Here are a few of those same regions and what business may be ideal in operating within those regions.


The main advantage of doing business in the UAE is due to its many free zones which allow for 100% foreign ownership and fund transfer, which is ideal for someone looking to register offshore company. There are 22 such free zones within the limits of the UAE with Dubai lone having various specialized zones such as the Dubai Airport Free Zone, Investment Park, Media City, Internet City and the Silicon Oasis among others.

Dubai freezone company formation is also much simpler as the regulations in place are considerably lax, thereby housing more than 10 000 national and multinational corporations within its limits. There are also tax holidays, cheap leases on significant portions of land for factories and warehousing, cheap and large labor source within the desert areas also followed by no import or export tariffs. However, the only disadvantage in having a company within these free zones of the UAE is that, when doing business within the limits of the UAE, the company needs to approach the market through a local supplier and there are significant taxes involved in this case. However, considering the magnitude and quality of the UAE market, this is a minor concern.

Great China

The Chinese government and economic policies is one which has been in the forefront of the concept of free zones and special trade zones formation and harvesting its benefits to suit the local market and economic policies. There are special economic zones known as the SEZs which are really, whole cities specially designed to enhance business relations and company formations. These include, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Shantou, Xiamen and Kashgar. There are also a number of coastal development areas which help support the systems of the above mentioned trade cities. There are also a number of border cities and inland provinces which help transfer the economic benefits of the port cities to the inland areas of the country.