Tom! What did you do with my computer? Did not I warn you not to touch it when I am not near!

Dad, I swear I did not touch it! Then why this is all upside down!

I don’t know!

See… this is a basic example. Even sometimes you might have punished your kid without a fair reason for screwing your computer. Who does all these crazy stuff? A good question! Do you know that not only your kids can turn your whole computer down but also there is another strange behind the scene too? Those are viruses. Though you don’t invite them, they don’t need any of your invitations. They simply step in to your computer within less than a minute. Read this article to find out more about the free online antivirus scanner.

So how to make a barrier against them? Yes! Rather than using solutions when you are in the middle of the problem, it is always wise and smart to take all the safety measures before something bad can happen.

Anti virus protection is a must for everything, not only for your computer but also your cellphone. But why? Internet browsing is a basic activity that we mainly do with our computers and mobiles and also it is the best source for these deadly viruses to approach your pc or phone more quickly.

Therefore, you have to be smart enough to make barriers against these sudden strangers’ arrival. You cannot allow trespassers to attack your valued computer or mobile at any given time. The very first reason is, you have afforded a considerable amount of money to purchase this asset, secondly it contains so much of valuable information, memories and other stuff and thirdly, you need them to live your ordinary life.

The best antivirus software is not your only survivor, because sometimes, these viruses are so smart enough even to get escaped from these. Your awareness about the common threats and viruses will also help you to get away with these challenges.

If you see a strange message do not ever accept or open without reading it. This is the very common mistake that most of us do. Clicking everything that comes on screen without paying attention is the gateway for all these threats and problems. When you are allowing your kids to use your pc with internet, be mindful. Your supervision is really vital or else using a kid safe internet browser is another good option.

Anyway, with the development of technology, like we are getting advanced antiviral guards, the viruses will also become smart enough and master their art of attacking.