If a friend or family member welcomes a new baby into the world and you want to be a part of this special moment by sending them your love and congratulations you can send them a gift that conveys your wishes. If you missed the moment itself and plan on visiting the new addition to their family later on, you can still send the gifts ahead of time so that they could enjoy some token of your presence in the meantime.

You can order and get delivered, a baby gift basket with little gifts for both the baby and the parents to enjoy. You can add a personalised touch by picking a newborn baby boy gift basket to celebrate the birth of a boy or a baby girl’s gift basket if it’s for a little girl. Since the colours blue and pink are traditionally used to differentiate between baby boys and girls, the gifts contained in these baskets may also vary in colour depending on which one you pick. You can also pick a neutral colour such as yellow. However the contents of both types of baskets should remain more or less the same. Depending on where you order the gift basket you might be given the option of picking a pre-packed basket or the option of picking its contents. If you pick the latter but are not sure what to include in the gift basket take a look at the following examples of items you can expect such a gift basket to contain;

Baby products

The gift basket will contain little baby products that will come in handy for the parents. These products can include baby powder, shampoos and little toys such as pacifiers and rattles. The parents will always be in demand for items such as shampoos, powder and soaps in the months following, so they will appreciate your gift containing these necessities in addition to the numerous other goodies.

All Clothes

Some gift baskets also contain little items of clothing such as rompers and tiny little booties. Clothes are another essential that the baby would need in excess of. This can also be a timeless gift with a lot of sentimental value, as some parents like to save their baby’s first items of clothing as souvenirs.

Treats for the parents

While the gift basket contains toys and essentials for the baby, make sure it also contains something enjoyable for the parents. You can add little treats that you know the parent would also enjoy such as little chocolates or sparkling juice.