Many people enjoy learning about different cultures of people. There are so many cultures in the world. And it might take years to study each culture in full depth. But knowing each culture could be a unique experience that anyone could gain. But it is a very difficult task to do so. It is advisable to learn few cultures from each country then you would still have the experience of traveling across the world to different countries and learning their traditions and way of life. If you visit a country like India there are so many different cultures within the country it may be difficult to understand which is important. Each culture has a different religion, different language, different dress code, different rules and regulations etc. but the most important is that all these cultures respect the overall governing rules and regulations as well.
Indian experience
If you go to a cinema in India they are most famous for their bollywood cinema but in different regions t varies according to their culture, tradition and the language they speak. Many Hindi or Urdu speaking citizens follow bollywood. They watch all the Hindi language movies which are with all Hindu actors who are famous for their acting. However not many of them are actual Hindus. Some of them are from Chennai or Kerala where their main language is Tamil or Malayalam. Nevertheless they started in the bollywood industry and are well known in Hindi movies and they become famous for that only.
However there is a Malayalam Cinema and has a very large audience to it. The actors are very passionate about their cinema. These actors condemn the actors who go out of their industry to other industries to become famous. It could be argued that since the current actors have taken the leading roles in all the new releasing movies the new comers does not have a chance in Malayalam films therefore they take up offers in Hindi or Tamil films.
Why learn about different cultures
Sometimes we wonder why we go to the extent of learning about different cultures since it does not affect us in any way. Yet human are curious to know and learn therefore they go in search of what other people do and say. That is why learning about other cultures has inspired us to have our own traditions and cultures which give value to a community. Culture and traditions are creation of human and it is a norm for the next generation to follow it. That is how traditions have come from so many years up to now.