One of the hardest things in life is having to find out you can never have kids. Some may take it in their stride but others could suffer from serious depression as a result of it. Early diagnosis can sometimes could produce a cure to some cases so it always helps to check if you are suffering from it or not. Read this article to gain information ablut infertility treatment.

Check your history

This is the first step. Look at your family history of any known cases of sterility by any of your relatives. If your parents’ relatives were suffering from it then there is a high possibility that you could have it too. For distant relatives and ancestors the possibility isn’t as high. If distant relatives then the possibility isn’t as high but still there is a chance you could’ve inherited it as well.

Testicle Biopsy

This is a check for male infertility. This involves extracting a bit of tissue from your testicle and examining under the microscope to see if there is any signs of abnormalities. Your doctor will determine if you need the procedure depending on the symptoms of your condition. One main reason for undergoing the test if your semen has little to no sperm count.

Sperm Count

This will involve having your semen examined to see if it is at the normal sperm count. This would involve you having to manually ejaculate your semen and provide a sample to the doctor. There is no surgery involved in this so it is a much similar check that you can do. If they found that there is less than 10 million sperms per millimetre of semen then it is deemed as unhealthy and that your sperm count is low. There is, however, male infertility treatment for low sperm counts unless the case is severe.


This procedure is carried out if you are unable to ejaculate at all. One of the main causes of this could be due to blockages in your reproductive tract. This procedure will involve surgery and could be a painful procedure since it involves having to insert a special dye in your scrotum in order to locate the source of the blockage. It is then examined through X-ray to give an indication of the location of the blockage. Fortunately though this can be treated with surgery, to clear the blockage. This should then allow normal functionality of your reproductive system.

The above procedures may not be cheap to perform but could help rectify any reproductive disorders. Always remember though that an early diagnosis can help cure the illness before it becomes too serious.