Camel riding can be a one-of-a-kind experience. Part of fun is due to the unique environment you will be riding in and part of it is because camels are amazing creatures. There are two types of camels that you may ride on, the Bactrian (two-humped camel) and the Dromedary (single-humped camel). The first is native to Central Asia and the second is native to Middle East and Africa.
Riding a camel can be quite relaxing and nothing can compare to enjoying a sunset or sunrise astride a camel. If you visit Middle East or Africa choose desert safari deals that include camel rides. Most of them will.
Getting on and off a camel
A camel can stand close to 2 meters in height up to their shoulders. So the last thing you want is to slide off the camel’s back, into the sand, when it stands up and sits down. Usually the cameleers will advise you to lean back when the camel prepares to get up and sit.
The rolling gait
Unlike most four-legged animals the camel walks by moving the front and the back legs of the same side at a time. So you will be swaying from side to side causing your legs to rub against the camels sides. To prevent your legs from scraping it is advisable to wear long pants.
It can kick in all directions
A camel is able to kick in all four directions from its all legs. Thus, you must never advance a camel if it is not tame. It is always better to approach a camel when the handler is around. These creatures are huge and their kick can be quite powerful.
They stink
Camels have a habit of peeing on their legs to keep them cool. Since they recycle their urine internally it is highly concentrated and more like syrup by the time it is eliminated. So it has quite an acrid smell.
They travel in single file
Camels like to walk in single file even in their natural habit, so when a group of camels travel together the cameleers will take them this way. It’s interesting to note that camels can travel up to 50 km a day, but usually they are made to travel only half that distance so as not to overwork them.
Rides are usually scheduled at dawn or dusk
Riding a camel in the midday desert sun can be torture. It is too hot to bear. Hence, most morning and evening desert safari organizers will schedule these rides early morning or in the evening when desert temperatures are cooler.
Once you ride a camel you’ll probably realise that camels are adorable animals. Each camel has a unique personality and they are quite harmless. It is something every tourist must experience.