There are times when you just cannot keep all you furniture in your home without making it look cluttered. However, you might be unwilling to part with something that has sentimental value or that is of high quality. So you need to make sure that your furniture will remain in good condition when you decide to store the items away in a unit. A few tips are given below.

Proper Cleaning

Get started by cleaning items with a duster cloth. Wipe down glass surfaces with glass cleaner and use the correct cleaning materials for wood or metal items. Let the items dry completely, as dampness can encourage mold and discolouration. If you have leather furniture, it is better to get it professionally cleaned before storage as it always has to remain dry to prevent mold growth. Wooden furniture would last longer if polished before storage, while it might it be tedious your items will be in better condition.

Disassembling and Packing

Take large furniture apart – not only will you save space but things will be easier to transport. Don’t forget to label everything clearly, this includes keeping the manuals, screws and other parts in once place. If you are planning on hiring a long term storage unit, use heavy plastic sheets to cover the floor when you are storing wooden or leather furniture to avoid moisture or leaks from running them. But don’t wrap these items in plastic as that would create moisture and promote mold growth. However, bubble wrap can be used to wrap breakable or delicate items like glass or porcelain in.

Taking Care of Your Items

Always do your research before selecting storage companies without simply going for the cheapest or quickest option. Don’t forget to ask them about their security options and how they handle pest control as well. When arranging your items, keep spaces between them to avoid scratching wooden furniture and avoid placing heavy items on tables or chairs to avoid cracks as well. Place couches and sofas in its usual position and not vertically to save space, as this would damage or dent the item after a while. Read this article to find out more about a facilities where you can store your furnitures.

Further Care

Don’t forget about your items in storage. Make it a point to at least visit the facility at least once a week or every two weeks to make sure everything is in place. If there are issues, always inform the management if things are not up to standard. Selecting a climate controlled unit would be the better option since this would ensure that the furniture will not be ruined. While it may cost more, you won’t risk losing your possessions.