The need to hire personal security is on the rise with the increased levels of crime and corruption. It may be a permanent addition to your staff or a temporary addition, both way security and the need for security is no laughing matter and require careful thinking and selection before hiring. Here are a few general tips to help you along the way when you think of hiring security personnel for yourself or for the protection of a loved one.

Finding the Right Body Guard

Depending on the type or occupation of the person being protected, there are different types of ‘Bodyguards’. These are specially trained individuals who are equipped to foresee and mitigate any form of harm to the client involved. Based on the occupation of the client, the types of risks, ways and means available are different, and thus, politicians, corporate executives, dignitaries are all protected by Eps or ‘Executive Protection’ who are mainly targeted by more specialized forces. These professionals require training in even armored cars, guns, bombs, snipers, and the works. The mobs, crazed fans and deranged stalkers of celebrities, professional athletes, musicians and athletes are controlled and protected by those known as ‘talent security’.

Handling bulletproof cars is not on the priority list of these individuals, rather they need to look imposing and be able to think on their feet while controlling large numbers of people while still remaining low profile in the lives of the celebrities.

Finding someone Fully Competent

Just because someone has been a part of the military or was a member of the Special Forces at some point does not mean they are adept at handling your security. Few know this but it is important to obtain the training offered by government institutions with regard to protective services such as the US state Department’s Diplomatic Security Service and others such before being qualified to take on the job. Remember that personal security requires a qualified individual and is simply not done by a 400 pound beefy man in black. Before hiring your personal security, ensure that they have been properly trained and also trained by a reputed organization or entity and isn’t some random organization no one has heard of. While this does not guarantee that they make good security personnel and on their mind set, at least it gives a basis on which to work from. When hiring, look for someone with experience and not someone who looks the part. In this field, a sharp mind can be far more effective than a strong fist.