In the past, word of mouth was enough to promote a product. Since people lived in small communities most of the manufacturers were interested only in producing something for that community. They did not have a desire to go to other communities and sell those products. As a result, word of mouth was the only marketing they needed.
However, ever since the world started developing and becoming a global village, a manufacturer produces something in the hope of selling it to every possible customer. At such a situation, word of mouth is not adequate marketing. A company needs to use every possible resource to let the world know about them. That is why they have their own marketing departments or sometimes, use communication agencies Dubai to spread the word about their company products.
On Your Own
Usually, once a company starts producing they also come up with a plan to sell those products to the customers. They cannot just produce it and then, think about the ways to sell it. The selling plan should be there from the beginning. For a small homemade jam business their marketing plan or selling plan can be taking the jam bottles to the weekly market and selling them. There they get to meet customers. Once they sell the jam those customers take the message to other people. Once the company reaches a good level in the corporate world they can afford to publish an advertisement or two on newspapers.
In a big company, marketing is handled by a special division of the company called marketing. They think about the strategies that will boost their sales. They think about advertisement concepts. Depending on their budget they decide what type of sales techniques they can use to improve the sale rate of the company.
However, not every company can handle their own marketing.
Hiring Some Other Firm
We talked about a homemade jam business that steps up in the business world little by little. However, it takes a long time for such a business to reach a level where they can have their own marketing division. At such a moment, they would want to hire a communications agency to do their marketing for them. Since these firms know what they are doing and as they are specialized in the field of marketing hiring such a firm is the best decision a company can make if they are unable to do their own marketing properly.
Since marketing is an important aspect in any business as a business owner you should make sure that it is done properly. If your company cannot handle the task you can hire a professional who can.