A child’s body is constantly growing and needs constant exercise in order to function correctly as it should. Children have a lot of energy and they need an avenue that lets them burn that energy and get the exercise that they need on a daily basis. In the past, parents did not need to make a big effort in order to ensure that their children got the exercise that they need because children are naturally inclined to play and they will usually find different ways of burning this energy be it in school through sports and play activities or at home after school when they would meet the neighborhood children for an energetic game of cricket baseball or soccer.

It is sad to note however that with the advancement of technology and more noticeably the advancement of video games that give children the opportunity to play these games virtually on a computer screen children have stopped physically going out to play or physically participating in sports and choose to instead sit at home in front of the computer screen for hours on end locked inside the rooms playing virtual games. These virtual games stimulate the mind. They do not provide the body with the much needed exercise dance classes in Dubai would for sample. This has given rise to a sickly unhealthy and obese new generation of children.

Lack of confidence

The sad reality is that in addition to the many physical health problems that arisen from sitting in front of a computer for hours every day children are also becoming backward, introverted and closeted. The children of the past would have had no problem with interacting with any other child or speaking to an adult with confidence however today the children are becoming shy and lack confidence which means they do not have the communication or interpersonal skills that it takes to deal with other people. This is affecting their future ability to face a successful interview or to be able to get a job, all things that are quiet very good interpersonal skills. The singing, ballet dance classes, art classes, acting classes and other activities of the past gave children an opportunity to interact with different people of different backgrounds from a young age.

Sadly children are unable to have an opinion on important subjects and they are unable to debate or defend an opinion on general knowledge or current affairs because they lack the knowledge needed in these areas due to the many hours that they spend locked up alone in their rooms with their computer screens.