Fully developed country is a dream of future that can never be attained. Full development is the actual development, where a country had grown in several areas of distinguished growth. They should have enough reserves and resources to supply to all their citizens. It is a dream where everyone is hard. There will be no war since people will be self satisfied and everyone will have resources to lead their life and they will be quite contended. The need to establish a full functioning well developed country is a dream of every country. Though Russians and Americans identity themselves as developed, more than half of their population still are facing unemployment crisis and more than several USA citizens have bankrupt statements and moat them have exceeded bank loans and several other problems. Therefore it is very important for the people to assess and attain the universal concept of international obligations and create open centres for trade. It is a necessary to open Dubai pro services for the development of the world and to reach the maximum potential.
For example Sharjah free zone company setup, is one of the best places to work since they have a huge profit the company shares holder and the other factors. There are several free zone around the world. They gave contributed hugely for the development of the countries. It may not be the best out of best shots but they have developed well and better than everything else.
There are opportunities for you to get a new company registration in Dubai in these zones and get employed in these free zones. Free trade zones are similar to the duty free shops in air ports and people are encouraged to buy things there. Similarly when someone is trading in free zone, they are excluded fully or partially from the heavy taxes and this s done to improve people and their trading qualities in the country. Dubai is well developing because of the establishment of several free trade zones.
There are advantages and disadvantages of everything in this world. So mainly there are some advanced advantages that are over seen and people are not making full use of it. Countries like India and Sri Lanka can make use of these concepts and trade it off. But, the legal system and the documents filings are different in almost all dualistic countries. And it is high time that we changed these things. And it is also important to legalise some trade zones in these countries.