In this day and age, dire circumstances and competitive environments push people to dominate each other and compete against each other, to get the better end of the bargain. This is also fuelled by the fact that opportunities for success are very limited.

However, what most people fail to realize is that one can get very far by being a good leader instead of constantly competing with everyone else. Not only will this get you far in your career, it would also allow you to assist others in their success.

There are many qualities and features that amount to a good leader, and the following are a handful of these.

Integrity and trustworthiness

Integrity is the presence of strong principles and the ability to abide by them no matter the circumstances. This means that a good leader is not easily swayed, and their principles will remain intact even in the most trying situations. This makes an individual reliable, which is crucial to be a leader. No amount of leadership training or leadership courses can install integrity in a person; it must be instilled at a young age through the example of adults around the child.

Trustworthiness is the ability for any person to trust you without doubting your capabilities. It is in fact quite difficult for a person to be able to receive the trust of each person in their team. However, patience and integrity, backed by an unwavering devotedness to always doing the fair and correct thing, will ultimately lead to them providing you with their trust.

Patience and respect

Patience is not only a useful skill for a good leader, it is a skill any individual will benefit from in any situation. A reasonable level of patience, as a leader, will let your team members know that you are not susceptible to unreasonable bouts of anger and emotional judgment of a situation. They will know that you have the ability to gauge a situation calmly before pursuing the most effective solution for it. If for example, a CEO of a business sees that his employees are not functioning to their optimum, if he is a great leader, he would encourage and motivate them, even provide training courses in Dubai to further develop their skills. An inadequate leader would lose his temper and fire his employees at the first sign of inefficiency.

Respect has to be earned; one cannot demand respect no matter how badly one wishes to have it. A leader will only be respected if his team sees him as a responsible individual that they can rely on to get done the job at hand. A respectable air is one of the most admirable traits of a person.