UV radiation is something we all experience and more so in the tropics. However, those in the tropics are genetically programmed by nature to be able to resist these high levels of UV radiation on a daily basis, unlike those who come from colder countries, and thus do not have this same advantage. Here are a few tips for those who are both used to and not used to the harsh sun rays of the tropics and methods in which to protect your skin from it.

Cover up

If you know you are going to be exposed to the sun for long hours, best is to cover up. There is so much that the best sun screen can do. If you have extra sensitive skin which easily develops rashes, it is best to cover up so as to not allow the sun’s rays to fall directly on it for long periods of time. Car tinting or having a thin window film around your car or even in your homes will allow better solar radiation control from hitting your body during the day and would be a more permanent solution than wearing a few layers of clothing every day.

Apply Sun Screen

Sun screen is something most of us use before hitting the outdoors for sports or a day at the beach. However, very few of us actually put some on when going to office every day but this is an activity that we do the most in our lives and thus is most exposed to the UV rays on a daily basis when travelling to and from work. Therefore, dermatologists have advised applying of sun screen on a daily basis and to also do this before you put on your clothes so as to make sure all parts of your body are covered. This is easy to achieve in a bikini, not so much in a pant suit. Another reason why they say to apply it before putting on your clothes is that most sun screens take about twenty minutes to sink in to and be absorbed by the skin. Therefore, applying before dressing gives you that twenty minute window to work from before hitting the outdoors. Link here http://www.agefilms.com/ for the best in window tinting has to offer.

Heal From the Inside

While sunscreens work wonders, if you are being exposed to the sun for long hours, it is best to take a ‘sun pill’. These are pills which are designed to help repair and boost your skin through the use of a chemical known as Polypodium leucotomos which is a fern extract. This form of pills help repair the skin and remove redness after sun burns. However, it is always best to take this as an added supplement and not something to substitute the use of sun screen.