Wedding proposals are taking a new turn since the recent past and it is becoming a full on trend to tell the world, that you just proposed to your dream girl or your dream boy. Back in the day, proposals used to be in traditional form and not informed to the whole world until marriage. But times are changing in this ever so developing world. Couples are spending more time together before marriage and love to have those special moments captured through a lens too, so that when times passes by, they don’t miss it and can go back in time, when they got it all recorded in their timelines.

Wedding proposals are taking its turn to be remembered, it is not a simple engagement anymore, but a big do. Out of this new trend, wedding photographers are making a business out of the moment, but a good business that benefits couples. Wedding proposal photography and videography are the most perfect to have the moment recorded, so that it becomes a part of the whole process that leads up to marriage, leaving behind the great traces of the proposal day. Here’s how you can be record it, for great memories.

Photographing the moment

Proposal shoot or proposal photography is quite famous today. With many photographers going digital and live on social media today, social media sights such as Facebook and Instagram are flooded with pre wedding shoots and the proposal day photography. It is one the best ways to record the memories of going down on one knee and asking the love of your love to be yours forever and the moment she burst out in tears saying yes, is definitely a moment to be captured. Pictures can speak a thousand words. Many couples miss out on the moment, especially when the proposal is surprise. So having it photographed, couples can always sit back and look at the moment and cherish the moment of surprise and prepare themselves for the big day.

Video graphing the moment

It’s true that pictures speak for a thousand words, but nothing becomes more perfect than having to relive the moment, which is captured through the lens of a video graphing instrument. As much as pictures are famous, videography of the moment is also ever so popular. Pictures tend to become too main stream for some couples. They prefer videography, so that moment is yet again live, when they want to cherish over the memories. Videographers take a unique turn in video graphing the moment just as it was, so that couples can look back it. The moment she said yes, can’t get any better, even you keep reviewing it over and over again through the videoed moment.